Solar Power Purchase Agreements


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About Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Solar Power Purchase Agreements

What Is A Solar PPA?

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offer the many benefits of solar power use without the financial investment, maintenance requirements and risk. A Solar Power Purchase Agreement, or Solar PPA, is a long-term contract of 15 to 20 years in which a business or organization agrees to buy power from a solar services provider who builds, operates and maintains the solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Solar Power Savings

Instant Solar Power Savings

With a solar PPA, organizations can begin using solar power quickly and effortlessly and save substantially on energy costs. EPA MEMO-Cogen manages the entire process of financing, building and maintaining the solar PV system at your facility. Your organization would then agree to purchase all of the power that is produced by the solar PV system for the term of the agreement at cost-saving rates that are specified in the solar PPA. The best part is that your organization is not responsible for any of the costs to build, operate or maintain the solar PV system.

Solar Project Development

Take Advantage Of Our Solar Development Expertise

EPA MEMO-Cogen is a leading Solar Project Developer, providing expert project management and the highest level of customer support. We can help you determine if a solar PPA is right for your organization and structure the ideal system for your specific business to maximize your savings.

Energy Efficiency & Reduction

In addition to building and managing your solar PV system, our goal is to help lower your energy consumption and make your organization as energy efficient as possible.

  1. Once you become our energy customer, we will examine your building's equipment and operations to determine how your building consumes energy.
  2. We analyze this information in order to identify opportunities to eliminate waste and increase efficiency at your facility.
  3. A comprehensive program is then developed to take advantage of potential energy savings such as upgrading or replacing inefficient equipment and installing high-efficiency equipment.
  4. We will then install a photovoltaic (PV) solar system which together with the high efficiency equipment can significantly reduce your utility bills.

Lower Your Power Costs With Clean Energy

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Benefits Of Solar Power Purchase Agreements

  • Fast and easy to implement.
  • We take care of everything - we handle the installation and manage the entire process.
  • Lower your power costs and realize energy savings and predictable energy prices.
  • No maintenance is required on your part. EPA MEMO-Cogen assumes responsibility for all maintenance and operating requirements.
  • No maintenance costs, operating costs or financial risks. We cover all the financial aspects of building and operating your solar energy system.
  • No system performance risks. We manage the solar system and ensure that your power needs are met.
  • No upfront expense on your end to implement or build the solar energy system.
  • Immediate results and savings.
  • Clean power supports the environment by reducing pollution and your carbon footprint.
  • Public Relations and marketing value of commitment to the environment and support of "green" energy options.
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