Energy Cost Reduction


Strategies To Lower Energy Costs and Improve Efficiency For Commercial and Industrial Companies

Energy Cost Reduction For Commercial Customers

(and yes we do institutional, multi-family, and some residential) Energy Reduction is energy reduction…we will take your job and make it our own and make you a happy customer!

Reduce Energy Costs

How We Reduce Energy Costs

EPA / MEMO is a representative of the major Energy Service Companies (ESCO) who provide alternative energy in New York, New Jersey and 15 other deregulated energy states. EPA negotiates with authorized ESCOs to secure the most competitive price for our clients’ energy supply.

To obtain an energy quote:

  • We need a complete utility bill,
  • a signed Letter of Authorization (LOA)(which allows us to price your account ONLY!)

We issue a Savings Comparison Report TO YOU. This report will contain:

  • Cost Comparison Analysis showing what the prospect has been paying and what his costs would be by enrolling with an ESCO.
  • Typical average savings are in the 20% to 30% range.
  • The single page LOA you already signed becomes your authorization because we add an e-mail from you stating that you are allowing us to proceed.

You Are Enrolled As Enrollment Is Accomplished:

  • By signing a single-page LOA which authorizes EPA to move the client’s usage to the new Energy Services Company (ESCO)
  • This ESCO will give you the best product and rate (electric rate).
Solutions For Lowering Energy Costs
Energy Cost Reduction Expertise

Take Advantage Of Our Expertise

We possess the following:

  • Over 30 years of energy and renewable experience
  • Over 100 years of real estate owner/management experience in both multi-family and retail/commercial.
  • Over 40 years in management of large energy portfolios. Do you receive A LOT of single energy invoices where they have only one account on them? We can prepare a report for YOU monthly where each of your many accounts are listed and itemized on ONE ITEMIZED REPORT. WE BECOME YOUR ENERGY BACK OFFICE SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS.
Benefits Of Saving On Energy Costs

Benefits Of Lower Energy Costs

  • Lower monthly bill
  • You will know what you use and what you pay monthly
  • As a client we will continue to show you how to reduce your costs

How Will You Use The Money That You Save?

We help commercial businesses and industrial facilities lower utility costs and reduce energy consumption


Developing An Energy Strategy To Lower Costs

This starts with:

1Become an Energy Customer

(See How We Reduce Energy Costs)

2Schedule and Complete a Free No-Obligation Energy Assessment

This Energy Assessment will contain:

  • A List dictating problem areas
  • A Project Scope to show you how we plan on rectifying that problem area and the timetable to completion. This could include:
    1. Energy Management System installation – This will allow you to set different schedules with a computer among many other tasks that are COMPLICATED NOW but WILL BE MADE SO MUCH SIMPLER!thingsLighting retrofits
    2. Lighting Retrofits and Lighting System installs
    3. Sensors could be installed
    4. Oil-to-Gas Conversions (heating systems can be updated)
    5. SOLAR PV installations can be completely eradicate ALL or a portion of yor electric bill.
  • We also apply for any and all Local, State and Federal Grants to offset costs of project(s).


You are ready for IMPLEMENTATION, we are and have a network of approved installers who can work with and receive your REBATES and OR FILE THE PAPERWORK for YOU. They agencies we are partners and authorized installers of are:

  • New York State Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA),
  • New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP),
  • Connecticut Clean Energy/Green Bank,
  • Massachusetts Renewable Energy Division (MassDOER),
  • and many other state programs to include Illinois, The Carolinas, Georgia, and Texas.
Energy Strategy Development


Energy Comparison Report

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