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The Time Is Right To Invest In Solar Power!

The current environment is ideal for investing in solar energy. Concerns about global climate change and energy independence have catapulted renewable energy to the forefront of public awareness and the American energy agenda. There are many compelling reasons for investing in solar energy now:

Solar Energy Economic Incentives

Solar Energy Economic Incentives

  • The Federal 30% investment tax credit has been extended to 2016.
  • Most states mandate that 10-25% of electricity must be generated from renewable sources within 5-15 years. Various solar rebates and tax credits are available.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) make going solar easier for electricity buyers by eliminating upfront costs and energy price volatility.
Solar Energy Green Incentives

Solar Energy Green Incentives

  • Solar power greatly reduces greenhouse gases associated with conventional power generation.
  • Using solar power enhances an organization’s public image.
  • Green products often sell at a premium due to growing public awareness about the importance of sustainability.
  • Renewable energy at competitive prices makes commercial buildings more appealing to buyers and tenants.
Solar PPA Projects In New Jersey

Solar PPA Projects Completed in New Jersey

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What Is A PPA?

A PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement, is a contract to purchase power from a particular electricity or energy provider. A Solar PPA is long term contract to buy solar power at competitive rates. The buyer pays only for the power used and does not have to deal with the installation, maintenance or financial aspects of any solar equipment. This allows the end user to take advantage of the environmental benefits of solar power as well as lower power costs without the upfront expense and maintenance requirements of a solar energy project.

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Solar Project Process

Solar Project Process

Our solar projects help you save money by reducing your energy rates and energy consumption. Best of all, we manage the entire process for you. We will obtain an energy quote on your behalf with an authorized Energy Service Company (ESCO) and take the necessary steps to secure the most competitive energy rates for your specific usage. Once you have become our ESCO customer we also perform a complementary energy survey at your facility to identify ways to reduce energy consumption. We also act as a Solar Project Developer to take full advantage of the benefits of a solar energy system.

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What We Do For You

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Develop all aspects of the Solar PV Project
  • Financing
  • Document Filing / Permitting
  • Government Subsidy Applications
  • Construction Management
  • SREC Sales

Developer of Owner Owned Systems

  • Develop all aspects of the Solar PV Project
  • Document Filing / Permitting
  • Government Subsidy Applications
  • Construction Management

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