Lighting Case Studies


Lighting Case Studies

Hebrew Institute of White Plains Lighting

Hebrew Institute of White Plains - Lighting Retrofit

One of the many religious institutions that MEMO-Cogen have helped upgrade their lighting in order to save substantial money.

Lighting Installation - NYC Retailer

Retailer Achieves Increased Brightness While Significantly Reducing Power Consumption

NYC Electronics Retailer Installs New T5HO Lighting System with a substantial reduction of overall power consumption.

NY Manufacturer Lowers Lighting Costs

NY Manufacturer Cuts Lighting Costs in Half

This retrofit project provided a payback of less than 2 years with a 40% return on investment

Luxury Market Lighting Upgrade

NYC Luxury Market Uses Lighting to Enhance Products and Save Money

Developed a lighting system that provided improved illumination and color. The lighting uses 70% fewer fixtures, better lighting and lower electricity costs.

Improved Lighting Brightness and Light Quality

Grocer Improves Lighting to Improve Customer Experience

Upgraded lighting to improve brightness and light quality. Savings in electricity paid for the upgrade in only 2 years.

Electricity Savings From Lighting Upgrade

NY Supermarket Reduces Costs by 50% With Lighting Upgrade

More lighting and better quality lighting using 3500K and 4000K lamps. Lighting upgrade resulted in a payback of less than 2 years.

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