Solar Energy Project Process


We Manage The Entire Process Of Your Solar PV Project Development

Solar Project Process

We make your solar project simple by handling all the details and delivering a system that provides you with clean energy and tremendous savings.

Energy Rate Reduction

EPA MEMO-Cogen is a representative of the major Energy Service Companies (ESCO) who provide alternative energy throughout 16 deregulated states. EPA negotiates with authorized ESCOs in order to secure the most competitive price for the clients' energy supply. In order to obtain an energy quote, we require a copy of the client's most recent utility bill along with a signed copy of a Usage Letter of Authorization (LOA). This LOA has no cost and requires no obligation. It simply authorizes the ESCOs to obtain the clients' usage data from the local utility so that a detailed quotation can be prepared. We then prepare a cost-comparison analysis showing what the prospect has been paying and what his costs would be by enrolling with an ESCO in order to illustrate the potential savings that can be realized. In New Jersey for example, typical savings in the PSE&G and JCP&L territory average in the 20% to 30% range.

Enrollment is accomplished by signing a single-page LOA which authorizes EPA to move the client's usage to the ESCO with the best product and rate.

Energy Rate Reduction
Energy Consumption Reduction

Energy Consumption Reduction

Once a prospect has become our ESCO customer, we perform a no-cost, no-obligation survey of the client's facility. We prepare an outline showing the potential energy savings, the cost of project implementation and the amount of the State's rebate (if applicable). Depending on your particular deregulated market, EPA may obtain an incentive that can be up to 50% of the cost of the scope of work conditioned only on the Customer's usage being reduced by at least 15%.

Solar PV Project Development

MEMO-Sunshine Solar Development (MSSD) is an Independent full-service commercial Solar Project Developer. MSSD provides unbiased vendor and equipment selection, construction management, project management, and all available financing and ownership options to our customers. Some of our basic project advisory services include: site & facility assessment, economic modeling and project forecasting, RFP management, financial structuring, project financing and integration of present electricity costs with the proposed solar project.

Solar PV Project Development

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