Demand Response Programs


Make Money By Lowering Usage During Peak Times

Demand Response Programs

Recently, peak energy usage hit new records in the US but the use of Demand Response Programs was not used to its full capacity. Rules and regulations often slow the process of enrollment and usually prevent companies from going in this direction. MEMO can help you find your way through the maze of paperwork and rules to ensure that you are enrolled in the proper demand response program so that you can maximize your energy earnings.

Demand Response Highlights

  • On very rare occasions the electric grid experiences a high degree of stress. In order to reduce the strain on the grid, demand response programs have been developed by the utilities and grid operators.
  • When this grid instability occurs, thousands of businesses like yours get paid big $$$ to reduce their electric use and help prevent blackouts or brownouts.
  • There is NO COST at any time and NO PENALTIES if you fail to reduce when called.
Lower Energy Usage During Peak Times


We help you find the right Demand Response program in your area. Your business can start earning money immediately.

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