The Garden of Eden Gourmet Shop is an upscale, specialty food market with three locations in lower Manhattan, one in upper Manhattan and one in downtown Brooklyn. EPA/MEMO-Cogen was chosen to provide state-of-the-art lighting to make their food products even more enticing to shoppers. The challenge the design team faced was to provide track lighting that produced color in the lower Kelvin spectrum.

  • In order to improve color and increase lumen output, EPA/MEMO-Cogen incorporated the 100W Philips Mini White Son lamp into its newly manufactured HID, electronically-ballasted track-fixture. In order to deliver a beam pattern which would properly illuminate the food displays, we designed a highly polished and computer-designed aluminum reflector. The result is a 40 degree beam spread.
  • The strategy was to remove as many Halogen MR16 fixtures as possible without sacrificing light levels and to provide non-glare coverage to the many displays throughout the store.

There were two simultaneous benefits:

  1. The Philips lamp, along with our ballasted track fixture, delivered tremendous color and intensity to the produce areas, meat cases and specialty food displays (all without glare and discomfort to customers).
  2. The store now has 70% fewer fixtures, thereby producing a clean, crisp look as well as delivering the anticipated savings in electricity.
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