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SREC Trading & Brokerage

How Do SRECs Work

SRECs are electronic certificates that can be traded and sold, creating revenue for the owner of the solar system. Electricity suppliers must either produce a certain amount of solar electricity or purchase SRECs which creates a market for the sale of SRECs.

In order to realize the financial benefits, a solar installation must first be certified by state regulatory agencies and then registered with a state authorized registry to create and track SRECs. Once approved, one SREC is awarded for each Megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity that is generated.

Getting Started With SRECs

MEMO-Sunshine Renewables (MSR) can help you reap the rewards of the SREC market. After signing up with MSR we address all the requirements of getting your solar installation certified with state regulatory agencies. Once this process is complete, you begin earning SRECs that we sell on your behalf.

We handle all elements of the process including:

  • Consultation to determine the best and most cost-effective solar system for you
  • Solar system project development
  • Navigating the process to get your solar installation certified by the state authority
  • Managing and selling your SRECs for maximum value

About MEMO-Sunshine Renewables (MSR)

MSR provides consultation and advice to commercial clients so they can maximize the financial benefit and energy efficiency of their solar installations. We are a full service commercial Solar Project Developer who specializes in facility design, project management and financing solutions for solar systems.

What are RECs

  • Renewables Energy Certificates (RECs) also known as Green Tags, Renewable Energy Credits, Renewable Electricity Certificates or Tradeable Renewable Certificates (TRCs), are tradable, non-tangible commodities.
  • We specialize in brokering and trading all RECs in all markets throughout the United States. Please contact us for more info!

What are SRECs

  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) are credits that are generated when clean electricity is produced from solar power.
  • Electricity providers are required to generate a portion of their electricity from solar power or purchase SRECs to meet their solar RPS requirements.
  • This creates a lucrative market for SRECS as a tradable commodity and is of financial value to solar system owners.

The Advantage We Offer

We are not only a trader and broker of SRECs but we have our own solar sites whereby we PRODUCE and OWN our own SRECs. It is this angle that gives us the best insight and advantage to obtain the best prices for you whether we are talking about 5 SRECs or 500.

SREC Management With MEMO-Sunshine Renewables (MSR)

We make the process simple for you

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Sign up with MSR for SREC management. We start by reviewing your solar installation details.


We manage the entire process of getting your solar installation certified by state authorities.


Your system produces solar electricity.


SRECs are awarded and managed in your MSR account.


MSR sells your SRECs for you. You receive the proceeds of the sale within 10 days.

Solar Market States

States that have Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) legislation and SRECs include:

  • California
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina

The Value of SRECs

By selling SRECs, solar system owners are able to recover their investment and increase the economic value of the solar installation. This can help finance the solar project and can be combined with other state and federal incentives.

SREC Prices

Prices are primarily based on supply and demand in each state. Other influencing factors include state's Solar Alternative Compliance Payment (SACP) and the term of the sale. SRECs are sold through spot market sales, at auction, or with negotiated long-term contracts.

Solar Projects

MEMO-Sunshine Renewables (MSR) is a full-service commercial Solar Project Developer with exceptional experience. MSR provides vendor and equipment selection, construction management and project management. We offer our clients a variety of financing solutions and ownership options.

SREC Implementation

We manage the complex process of getting solar systems approved as quickly as possible so that it can generate SRECs. Once approved, we manage the sale and trade of SRECS to maximize the financial benefit for our clients.

Environmental Savings

Solar energy offers both environmental benefits and financial value. By selling SRECs, clients receive additional income that increases the economic value of the solar investment. We help ensure that solar systems are registered properly and SRECs are sold to maximize long-term price stability.