EPA, MEMO-Cogen, MC Solar Development, MEMO-Sunshine Solar Development Announce the Development of A Second Solar Photovoltaic System for GAL Manufacturing

MEMO Sunshine Solar Development (MSSD) is proud to announce the development of a 96 kW roof-mounted Solar Photovoltaic System in the Bronx, NY. This will be the second project built for GAL Manufacturing.

MEMO-Sunshine Solar Development has hired Solbright Renewable Energy, a Charleston, SC-based solar installation company, to design and install the System at this 25,000 plus square foot warehouse.

System start-up is expected during the Spring of 2015; the System's capacity will meet 100% of the building's electric power needs.

MEMO-Sunshine Solar Development worked closely with the building's owners to identify and negotiate this opportunity. The owners' interest in Solar stems from their belief that a Photovoltaic System will dramatically cut energy costs, increase their business's profile in the marketplace and benefit the environment.

MSSD develops Solar Photovoltaic systems in many different ways. MSSD continues to actively seek projects over 150 kilowatts and larger on properties located all over the tri-state area. Coupled with State and Federal Incentives, building owners who choose a PV System could experience a 3 year payback. Other similar opportunities are available for not-for-profit organizations. Please see for more details. If you would like to discuss a potential project, please contact James Nadel at jnadel@epa-mc.comor by phone at (914) 381-6300.


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