EPA/MEMO-Cogen, Inc. of Westchester County, New York, an ESCO which specializes in NYSERDA-supported lighting improvements, completed the lighting upgrade of G.A.L. Manufacturing Corp. during the spring of 2004. G.A.L. Mfg. Corp. is the largest elevator parts manufacturer in the US. Its manufacturing facility and headquarters are located directly across the street from Yankee Stadium. The building is a two story, 100,000 square foot structure with the manufacturing, and shipping & receiving functions located on the ground floor and the offices located on the 2nd floor. This project involved the total redesign of the lighting system.

  • The office areas contained 283 4-lamp four foot T12 fixtures rated at 192w/fixture.
  • The warehouse area used 8-foot fixtures which incorporated a 2-lamp, high-output configuration with a rating of 245w/fixture. There are 345 HO fixtures in the warehouse, 23 4-lamp four-foot fixtures in the warehouse office and 14 2-lamp 8-foot fixtures with wattsaver bulbs (60 watts/bulb), rated at 135 watts each.

The existing T12 fluorescent lighting system was converted to T8

  • The existing fixture housings in the warehouse were retained; these were retrofitted with F96T8 fluorescents and electronic ballasts. The fixture hoods were cleaned to direct more light to the work surface. These fixtures are identical to those used throughout the 2nd floor office area and are rated at 90 watts each. The supply room on the ground of the warehouse required 14 8-foot fixtures to be retrofitted with new F96T8 lamps and electronic ballasts, also on a one-for-one basis.
  • The offices involved the conversion to 177 2x4 parabolic fixtures, using three T8 four-with a rating of 90 watts/fixture.

The completed project reduced demand by 88.2 kW. The offices now contain 50% less fixtures, producing a clean, crisp look. Power consumption has been reduced by 143,489 kWh. The net result, as with all of EPA/MEMO-Cogen's lighting retrofit projects, provided a payback of less than 2 years with a 40% return on investment.

NY Manufacturer Lighting System Upgrade

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